Singletary on Harts LOI

As reported this afternoon by, Villanova received a signed LOI today from 6-foot-5 small forward, Josh Hart of Sidwell Friends (DC). Back on October the 10th, Hart gave Villanova a verbal commitment that he solidified on paper today in the form of a signed letter of intent.
VUSports had the opportunity to speak with Sidwell Friends Head Coach, Eric Singletary who passed on that Josh Hart and he "were excited ... because the LOI today signifies the beginning of Josh Hart getting to that college level".
When asked what the expectations are for his four-star prospect this season, Singletary replied "we expect more of what we always get from Josh Hart. We are 3-time champions in our league and we are hungry to get 4 ... I have big expectations for this team".
Singletary also spoke about how he planned to use Hart in his system this season: "Josh Hart is a throw-back. A basketball player. He will do it all for us. We are continuing trying to develop his perimeter skills for the next level where he will be a 2-guard ... but he will play everything for us - a lot of 1, some 2 and some 3. We don't have a numbered system anyway. We play a 5-out style so there are no numbers. He will do it all".
Given Hart will likely play the 2 at Villanova, what should Wildcat fans expect from Hart in terms of deep shooting? Singletary said "He is doing well and working very hard on his shooting in practice. In games, he will usually make enough to keep the defense honest but he certainly wants to become a more proficient three-point shooter. In the scrimmage yesterday he made four threes. He shot it well yesterday and will continue out the work in to improve that part of his game. That is the missing piece for him. In transition he can be devastating but at the college level you can't necessarily get into the lane the way you can in high school".
Please stayed tuned to VUSports as we provide coverage of Josh Hart's progression through his senior season. In the meantime, take a moment to welcome Josh Hart to 'Nova Nation.