Football Decision Update

VUSports.com has learned that the Board of Trustees was debriefed on the University findings regarding a football upgrade during a conference call which took place within the past 24 hours. Sources indicate that the financial picture was more promising than had been previously presented to the Board over the past 6 months. However, no vote on the potential move was taken during the teleconference - and - it is unclear if a vote will even be taken next week.
Sometime over the next two days, the University expects to receive feedback from the Big East Conference regarding Villanova's anticipated path to upgrade (including timing, facilities, spending levels, etc.). The Big East FOOTBALL schools will apparently discuss Villanova's proposal during a conference call this Sunday. At that point, the Big East could fully approve Villanova's suggested plan, the Big East could ask Villanova for more information, or the Big East could even tell Villanova to re-work stadium solutions or take additional actions. It is unclear if this is a real issue, or just a formality.
What may come as a surprise, the discussion at the Big East level will apparently only include the EIGHT current members of football. The basketball schools will not have a vote (nor apparently will TCU). The Board of Trustees will apparently only vote on the upgrade IF the Big East supports the University's current plan. Or, the Board of Trustees might commission additional analyses to address concerns that the Big East might have and not vote at all. From what we understand, a "NO" announcement next week would be the result of the Big East creating stipulations that the Board of Trustees does not think will be feasible for Villanova, rather than the Board of Trustees not supporting the move (A NO announcement is the least likely scenario behind Yes and "More research required").

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All that being said, VUSports.com sources indicate the most likely outcome for next Tuesday appears to be either a "Yes" announcement or delay on the decision entirely. VUSports.com did not learn whether or not there was a specific recommendation posited by the University President, but it is our belief, based on the other information contained we have learned, that Fr. Donohue intends to recommend the upgrade, if the Big East is supportive of Villanova's current plan.