Chennault Chats At Media Day

VUSports conducted a quick Q&A with Villanova Senior Guard, Tony Chennault at 2013-14 Big East Media Day.
VUSports: Is it hard for you to believe you are in your Senior year already?
Tony Chennault: It went by fast but I am trying to enjoy the journey. Everything counts now. I am trying to take it one day at a time and enjoy each day.
VUSports:What are your personal goals for the season?
Tony Chennault: Be a leader for the younger guys. To leave a legacy behind and set an example for the younger guys of what it takes to be a Villanova basketball player.
VUSports: How are the new guys blending into the back-court picture?
Tony Chennault: The Freshmen are playing really well. They have been picking up our concepts and really doing a good job with it. Dylan Ennis was with us last year but not eligible to play. He is going to be a big part of our success this year.
VUSports: What part of your game did you look to improve this off-season?
Tony Chennault: Being more vocal on the court. I understand our concepts and understand where i need to be on the court. I am working on directing my teammates on where they need to be on the floor. I have to put them in a position to score the ball.
VUSports: You played in a great HS program, a great AAU program and then at Wake Forest - when it came to Jay Wright's defensive philosophy were there some strange things to learn?
Tony Chennault: Kind of. There were different concepts and different terminology than what I was used to but as time went on I picked it up. It is just different.
VUSports: Do you wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of Coach Wright yelling "whack out"?
Tony Chennault: [Laughing] … yes, sometimes that or sometimes "close it out" or "hand on the ball" … but all these techniques that he teaches us are effective on the court and help us out in game situations.
VUSports: How is your jumper these days?
Tony Chennault: It is getting better. It is still a work in progress but getting better. I take a lot of extra shots after practice.
VUSports: Which game from last year were you most personally proud of in regards to what you contributed?
Tony Chennault: When we upset Louisville that was a big game for us. I felt like we found our identity in that game. That let us know we could play with anybody and beat any given team. That was a huge confidence builder for all of us.
VUSports: What is it like for you being a Philly guy and playing at Wells Fargo Center?
Tony Chennault: It's like a dream come true. I grew up watching the Sixers and Allen Iverson play there. When you get the opportunity it is a blessing.
VUSports: How is Darryl Reynolds fitting in?
Tony Chennault: Darryl Reynolds is doing good. He is going to help us out a lot. He will surprise a lot of people. He is really athletic and can rebound the ball really well. He is physically gifted.
VUSports: Who will be the musical guest at Hoops Mania this year?
Tony Chennault: They don't tell us until the day of the event. Maybe an hour before Hoops Mania. It will be an exciting time for our recruits coming up. We will make sure they have a good time.
VUSports: Do you remember when you came to Hoops Mania as a recruit?
Tony Chennault: I think it was 50 Cent. It was one of the first ones with a musical guest. It was really cool.
VUSports: What are your plans for after you graduate?
Tony Chennault: Hopefully play professionally somewhere and play for as long as I can. That's my goal. I don't care where it is - I just want to play basketball.
VUSports: Thank you, Tony!
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